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Powerhouse Restaurant Ranges

Our CookRite commercial ranges are all-in-one powerhouses that allow for effortless sautéeing, broiling, searing, simmering, and baking at once. They’re designed to save you and your chefs energy, space, and time when producing mouthwatering meals for your guests.

Select from numerous restaurant cooking equipment options based on your eatery’s needs and preferences. We offer single and double stock pot stoves, as well as gas ranges with two, four, six, and even 10 burners or burner hot plates. Choose a range with a griddle for cooking pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches, or select a range with two ovens for higher-capacity cooking. Our other must-have equipment for any commercial restaurant include our quality gas cheese melter and salamander broilers for broiling steaks or lobster tails.


Open burners have exposed flames; more oxygen can come into contact with the fire, leading to higher temps and more rapid heating. Burner hot plates are flat metal pieces that create sealed burner surfaces. They can help ensure even heat distribution and keep food from spilling into the burner.

CookRite stoves can get as hot as 800 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for a fast-paced restaurant. The stoves also have durable handles and stainless steel surfaces that resist rust and are simple to clean.

Order Premium Restaurant Equipment 

In addition to our industrial ranges, you can find other premium restaurant equipment with the latest technologies sourced from today’s leading brands. With our proven, reputable vendors and multiple industry certifications (e.g., refrigeration, gas fitting, HVAC, and LP gas piping), we can quickly and easily sell and install our customers’ equipment without disrupting their daily activities. We also offer high-level parts support, an established warranty, free consulting, free shipping on most products within the 48 contiguous states, complimentary delivery within a 35-mile radius, and no-obligation quotes. Get a free quote by phone, or visit our local restaurant supply store in Decatur, Alabama; we’re in an easy-to-access location right off the highway!

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